Thursday, January 25, 2007


Neopets is great for the ones who searchs for a virtual pets website. You can create a cute or an ugly pet, it's all up to you! You can enter your pets to battle in the battledome or play games there to earn money, but we call neopoints for money in neopets. Your pet may need certain needs, like food, toys and stuff that reality pets have, but also something that neopets also have something in common, they can fight, read, have a pet, and travel to far distances like the moon! We call Neopet's world, Neopia! The website "Neopets" is free and it's all for children to enjoy! But children under the age of 13 can't get to some places teenagers can, but you can if you have permission from your parents. If you want to go to neopets just click the picture that reads "Neopets" & "click here" and there is a picture of a dancing yellow 'N' on the left, if you click on it you will be in neopets!


Hello and welcome to Little Warriors. I am Jane, the creator of Little Warriors. I am 10 years old when I create Little Warriors, like most children. I hoped you guys have fun and I that's all for now, I'll tell news later. Well, as they say... Chao!!!